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Wisely & Co LLP is managed by CPAs with strong ties to IRVINE. We offer carefully researched, relevant advice to meet your financial and accounting needs. Our clients come to us from a wide range of industries and company sizes.


Our philosophy: Quality, experience, commitment and the clients' trust form the foundation of our success.


Our main skills:


Tax Consultation

  • Tax Return Preparation, Tax Planning, & Tax Audit representation

Financial Audits

  • Audit, Review, & Compilation

Business Consultation

  • Financial & Tax Due Diligence, Business Valuation, & Management Consulting

Business Accounting

  • Bookkeeping, Payroll, & Business Regulation Compliance

                                                                              SEONG YONG LEE (GARY),CPA                       Partner                                                                                                                 이성용 대표 공인회계사                

  • Hall & Company CPAs: Senior Manager (International Tax)
  • Monolithe CPAs: Director (Audit)
  • Monolithe Tax & Accounting: Director (Tax)
  • LBCO CPAs: Director (Due Diligence)
  • LBCO USA: Senior Manager (Tax)
  • LBCO Korea: Manager (International Tax)

George Washington University, Master at Accountancy

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