We provide more than just traditional CPA services. We offer a broad range of capabilities and services that address the diverse needs of each of our clients.


Our single office location allows for quick and easy collaboration among departments, providing you full access to all that we offer.


Whether you seek expert tax compliance and audit services, business valuations, merger & acquisition assistance or one of our many other services, you can count on us to deliver a comprehensive solution that will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.



                                                                              SEONG YONG LEE (GARY),CPA                       Partner                                                                                                                 이성용 대표 공인회계사                

  • Hall & Company CPAs: Senior Manager (International Tax)
  • Monolithe CPAs: Director (Audit)
  • Monolithe Tax & Accounting: Director (Tax)
  • LBCO CPAs: Director (Due Diligence)
  • LBCO USA: Senior Manager (Tax)
  • LBCO Korea: Manager (International Tax)

George Washington University, Master at Accountancy

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